Why So Many People Enjoy Pelican Bay Naples Homes

There is a beautiful location in North Naples by the name of the Pelican Marsh golf club. It is a community that is situated just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s also close to Pelican Bay, as well as Naples Park. It’s the perfect location for people that are retired, or perhaps a small family that would enjoy the surroundings. In its advertisements, it states that it is a location that will cater to generally anyone, and few people would not like the surroundings. There are shops, restaurants, and schools in the neighboring area. There are even a museum and a Naples Philharmonic performance now and then. However, the homes at Pelican Bay are the main reason that people want to live there. This is what you should know about Pelican Bay Naples homes.

What Type Of Real Estate Do They Have There?

There is a substantial amount of real estate available from this location. Although most of the people that live there are very happy with their surroundings, there are times when people move out. They will connect with a realtor that is well-known for selling these homes quickly. This is who you will want to find if you would like to find a home there. The homes are located in the communities that are within this beautiful area. Some of them are called Sweet Bay, Watercraft, and the Gables. The condominiums are also in specific neighborhoods. When you get a chance to look at either condos or homes, you can decide on which community would be best for you. A reliable realtor in Pelican Bay that could help you.

Do They Have A Golf Course?

This community does have a golf course. It was recently given an award because of the renovations that it has done. The renovations were so good that PGA champions have played on this course. It is considered by many to be one of the most excellent 18 hole golf courses that are relatively new. It opened up in 1994, and it has a reasonably reasonable membership fee. If there is an opening, you can get in for just $45,000. The membership dues which are annual are $10,000, allowing you to play as long as there is tee time. You may find yourself playing more often than ever before.

How Much Does It Cost To Live There?

The price that you pay for the home that you purchase will depend upon its size. Some of them are less than $1 million. There are many others, comprising a vast majority of the homes, that are right around $5 million on average. Condominiums are much cheaper. If you want to live there because it is a beautiful place, but you don’t have millions of dollars to spend, a condo will average about $500,000. The total cost of living there may include the dues that you will have to pay for living there, as well as the annual dues for playing golf. Overall, it is not an overly expensive place to live by comparison to many of the other locations in Naples.

Is It Easy To Get A Home In Pelican Bay?

It is relatively easy to get home if one is available and you do have the money to do so. It is essential, however, to act as fast as possible. As you can imagine, due to its location, and also the quality of the homes and golf course, it is a highly coveted location that many people try to invest in. If you can get in, and there is a membership available for golf, you will have the best of both worlds. Very few people are lucky enough to get to live there. If you can be one of those, it will be well worth the investment that you will make. Search here for listings available.

Pelican Bay Naples homes are very exceptional. You will find that most people that live there are delighted. Whether they are living in a multimillion-dollar home, or a condominium, it is the location that prompts people to stay for what could be many years. If you are the type of person that likes to play golf regularly, this would be a fantastic place to begin. For those that are not from Naples, you will fall in love with the natural surroundings which are part of the Audubon Society. Contact a realtor today to determine if there are any homes in this beautiful community in the north portion of Naples.